Lily Longnose Events

Lily Longnose Events

Did you know that Lily's mum is a skilled programs & events coordinator at her full-time job? With over 8 years experience of developing and coordinating a range of programs and events for children & young people, she would love to get involved in your next greyhound-inspired event!



Lily Longnose Finds a Home is targeted to 4 - 10 year olds. We are more than happy to come to your class, day care, or local library to do a book reading for children around this age. Along with this, we usually do a question & answer session and Lily loves to sit calmly for pats. The cost of our book readings vary based on the audience, purpose, time commitment and travel. For local government libraries we charge a fee, however for most schools we are happy to visit for free or for a donation to Greyhound Adoptions WA. We can leave a signed copy of our book for your library and will email through a copy of our activity sheets to keep your students engaged even after we leave. Depending on the weather, we may even surprise you with matching outfits!



In collaboration with our wonderful friends at Free the Hounds, Lily & mum can come out and provide a presentation to your class about Greyhounds, the ethical & welfare issues with greyhound racing and we can teach you a little about advocacy. We have sessions plans designed for Year 5 - 12 which have been teacher approved and link back to the Australian Curriculum. If you're interested in this content, but can't find time to squeeze in a visit, we are happy to provide these presentations to teachers to present themselves. Our education sessions are provided free of charge to schools, as we feel passionately about empowering young change-makers to join our cause to end greyhound racing in Australia.



Using Lily Longnose Sewing Patterns, we can provide you with the most paw-some next crafting event. You might be planning a simple little fashion design workshop for kids in the school holidays, or maybe you'd like to gather seamstresses to make coats for a dog rescue - we'll work with you to plan a session for your audience and within your budget!

Simply contact us using the form below and we can work out a plan forward!

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