Lily Longnose Finds a Home

is an illustratd children’s book, written by Lily’s mum, Emily. It tells the story of Lily’s life as a puppy, born into the Australian Greyhound Racing Industry, and follows her journey to finding her forever home. Beautifully illustrated by Katayha Gould, Lily’s book helps raise funds for the important work of our friends in greyhound resuce & advocacy.

  • Free the Hounds

    “We are certain that younger generations are not going to allow the suffering of greyhounds… A book like this will encourage them to speak out.” – Mel Harrison, President

  • Georgie Purcell - AJP

    “Children are innately kind and empathetic towards animals. Lily’s book tells a wonderful story that teaches children that compassion is a strength.” – Georgie Purcell, Animal Justice Party Victoria

  • Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds

    “Emily’s beautiful book shows how rescue groups do essential work in saving dogs like Lily Longnose from the cruel industry.” – Andrea Pollard, President

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Fundraising for Greyhounds

We are proud to have been able to assist animal rescues and advocacy groups to raise money for their important work. Lily Longnose Finds a Home is currently stocked with six different animal rescues, allowing them to generate a profit from sales.

If you'd like to bulk order Lily's book to help raise funds for the animal rescue you work or volunteer for, please reach out via the contact form below!

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